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Re: Terms of Endearment

From:Chris Bates <christopher.bates@...>
Date:Friday, May 2, 2003, 11:59
> The Spanish! ;))))) Indeed, for many French people, Spanish is the > language > of romance, passion and sexual love. But we do consider our own > language to > be better at nuances in love. So we do consider our own language to be > the > language of love ;))) .
I do think spanish sounds nicer... that's why I decided to learn it lol. Not the most beautiful language in existence but probably the nicest sounding language with a large number of speakers (its the 3rd or 4th most spoken language in the world isn't it? might as well learn something useful).
> >> Just wondered... never asked. To be honest though, I would expect a >> language of love to sound beautiful if that makes any sense, and french >> just doesn't... > > > To you. There are quite a lot of people disagreeing with you ;)) . De > gustibus...
To be fair though the french are nice people, in the countryside anyway. I think city people are the same everywhere, but my family has a house in france (don't speak french fluently though, typical english people... I've got an excuse because I haven't gone there in a long time). But anyway, all the neighbours are very nice, even with the news claiming all french people hate we british now because we went to war with Iraq (which I wasn't in favour of, but I've given up on politics because its all the same whoever you elect). The only fault our french neighbours have is a genicidal attitude toward vipers lol.
> Indeed, English to French ears sounds like it has more variety in > pitch. I > think it's because the English stress is free in position and has a great > impact on pronunciation, while the French stress is fixed and doesn't > have > much of an impact (actually, it's purely phonetic and not phonemic at > all! > :)) ).
That's the weird thing, English stress is unpredictable, but we don't mark it or anything so it takes a while to get used to it when you start learning languages which have a decent system of writing instead of a system which might have been almost okay a few hundred years ago. I wish someone had managed to reform English spelling. :( Chris.