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Re: Paleoasiatic (was: Favourite Language Group?)

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Saturday, September 7, 2002, 16:28
Pavel Iosad wrote:
>Hello, > > > >- Paleoasiatic > > > > What's this? > >Citing Volodin A. P. Introduction // Languages of the World. >Paleoasiatic languages. Moscow: Indrik, 1997 > >Paleoasiatic (or PaleoSiberian) languages are a conventional entity of >several genetically unrelated languages and small language groups, >united on geographical principles. The term belongs to L. I. Shrenk, who >in mid-19th century offered the hypothesis that the Paleoasatic peoples, >as a result of the expansion of the Altaic peoples (Turks, Mongols, >Tungus-Manchu peoples), were partly assimilated by the newcomers and >partly confined to the northern and northeastern fringes of Asia and >into North America. [...] the following languages are usually classified >as Paleoasiatic: Chukchi-Kamchatkan, Eskimo-Aleut, Yenissean, as well as >the genetically isolated Yukaghir and Nivkh [...] >
So it's the same as Paleosibirian. Long live inconsistent terminology ... (no offence meant to Pavel - I'm sure he isn't the one who invented the variant terms!) Andreas _________________________________________________________________ MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: