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Daily translations in Kélen

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <kelen@...>
Date:Sunday, September 24, 2000, 1:35
0) God gave us teeth, God will give us bread.
é tele an pírí to nárá ath lule an jílne;

é      tele                                an        pírí
AND past-transaction+1p-goal Coll-PL teeth

to                  nárá ath              lule
INAN-Source nárá AND-THEN cont-transaction+1p goal

an         jílne;
Coll-PL food

nárá is Fate, or the Supreme Inertia of the Universe, a sort of inanimate
vision of God and Order. So this translates into "Nárá gave us teeth and now
will (continue) to give us food."

1) Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.
la leláñenesh ánen ne élá hénga;

la  leláñenesh    ánen  ne élá       hénga;
BE thankfulness  with   PL people  most.virtuous

2) Appearances are deceptive.
pa ne thémú ne wéhike hiékene;

pa      ne thémú           ne wéhike     hiékene;
HAVE PL appearances PL falseness possible
"Appearances have possible falseness."

3) One good deed deserves another.
se to ja ká hé án ien j'íth án;

se             to                ja   ká    hé     án
transaction inan-source SG deed good one

ien j'íth         án;
*    SG'other  one

* ien marks that the following phrase is the thing transacted. Normally this
would go right after the se. This translates to "One good deed is the source of

Sylvia Sotomayor
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