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Re: [Just a Little Taste of Judean]

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, April 11, 1999, 7:23
On Sat, 10 Apr 1999 21:41:02 CDT Edward Heil <edwardheil@...> writes:
>Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...> wrote: >> He gave me a few different nouns in Latin with their declensions, so >here >> are the Judean evolutions: >> (i hope he didn't leave out marking the Latin long vowels)
>Bad news. He did leave out marking the long vowels, and got at least >one word >in the wrong declension.
>> Latin Nominative (singular genitive, plural genitive) >> "manus" (mani, manorum)
>This is not a second declension noun, it's a fourth: > "manus" (manu:s, manu:m)
Hrrm...then this would probably stay the same, since it's got that long vowel there.... written _manu:s_ (: = macron), pronounced /manuwS/ or it could be just _manu:_, /manuw/. or _manu'_, /man'u/, and *then* the vowel would become long for the plural _manu:m_! Yup, that looks good :) , it keeps the long-vowel-M from before. manu' / manu:m (abnormal accentuation on _manu'_, hence the accent. normally, it'd be on the last long vowel, or like here, without one, on the penultimate syllable)
>> "puella" (puellae, puellarum)
> "puella" (puellae, puella:rum)
Dammit, i liked having _Vr_ turn into _V:_, ohwell.... :) So i guess this ends up the same as before, just that instead of being lengthened, the A: remains the same. pela / pela:m
>> "pons" (pontis, pontum)
> "po:ns" (pontis, pontum)
So, the lengthening in the nominative case doesn't affect this, same thing as before! :) ponso` ['ponSO<dvcd>] / pontu:m (devoiced vowels can't voice "sayas" letters, and the U lengthened by association with the long vowels of other plurals)
>> "casa" (casae, casarum)
> "casa" (casae, casa:rum)
Same as before: casa [kaZa] / casa:m [kaZa:m]
>> "pectus" (pecti, pectorum)
>This is third declension, not second. > "pectus" (pectoris, pectorum) >(it is a coincidence that "orum" was correct here. -orum is not the >ending >for this declension, it's just -um. But the stem is pector-.)
Okay, this becomes totally different....hrmmm... pectoris >> pecto:is [pEktowIS] >> pecto:s >> pecto' [pEx'to] I'm not sure if this can be rationalized as easy as the manu:s >> manu' above, since it's a whole syllable dropping off. hrrm...well, if i can drop off the -ru- in all the -a:rum's and -o:rum's, i can drop off the -ris here! :) pecto' [pex'to] / pecto:m [pex'towm]
>Cool changes, but you need a better Latin advisor, I'm afraid! I >wouldn't >mind someone checking up on my corrections, too, cause they're from >memory and >intuition; I don't have my books handy to check myself, and there >might be >some errors (a:rum sounds right to me but I'm not totally sure about >it, for example).
(clipped lots of Latin info)
>That should get you through all the regular declensions. :) >--------------------------------------------------------- >Edward Heil ..........................
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