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Relational OO Language

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 15, 2000, 15:43
Even if I'm still stuck in my degree project (well, classes and labs are
over =) ), my idle mind is still working in creation of anything.  One of my
latest project has been developing a personal info database (a sort of
sophisticated addressbook) using MS Access... but there is a big limitation:
the Entity-Realtionship paradigm Access is based on is not enough to fill
the way I crossrelate information.

My idle mind then thoght: how about Object Orienting (the problem to
actually do that is that C++ is to much coding and VB is worse for actual OO
developing, so most of my aproaching job is in design, no coding, phase).
Any how... and here is the conlang related part of the story.  Designing all
this it seams to be more a semantical problem than actually a computer
related one.

Well, trying to implement this semantic and a related sintaxis would make a
language able to express who things work in my world, at least in how other
people is related to me.  Any how, trying to implement this in Chleweyish
would make it too logical, which I don't want, and it wouldn't fit also in
any of my conculture related languages.

So, there is a clasification scheme:
  entities (mainly nouns)
    personal entities (those I can relate)
      human beings
         companies (where human beings work)
         educational (where human beings study)
     addresses (wher I can locate personal entities)
       street address
     geographical entities
  relationships (mainly verbs)
     contracts (relationships between two personal entities)
       job (between a company and a human being)
       study (between a human being and a eduational organization)
       located (between an address and a personal entity)
       in (between a street adress an a geographical entity)
  attributes (mainly adjectives)

Then things can be described in terms of attributes, relationships, classes,
etc.  well those are simply ideas.

Well if anyone wants me to explain my ideas more deeply or could device a
way of getting a closer aproach between those and language, feel free to

  Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
  Bogotá, Colombia
  ICQ: 19156333