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CHAT: Intro & Chat: New to Language Construction

From:Natalie Brunelle <renaissance_writer@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 15, 2000, 14:05
Hi Shreyas and Everyone Else,

My name is Natalie and I'm new to the list too.  I'm
also new to language construction.  I found out about
the list through the Langmaker website.  I'm creating
a world for the fantasy novel that I'm writing, so I'm
also creating new cultures and new languages.  (Kind
of an ambitious project for someone so new.)  I know
that I want a couple of my languages to be based on
Swahili, and I want the other languages I develop to
be based on other African languages, ancient or
modern.  Fantasy novels these days focus so much on
European history and culture (and there's nothing
wrong with that, it's the stuff that made me fall in
love with the genre).  I'd just like to branch out,
and give people a look at what can be extracted and
imagined through African culture.  So if anyone has
any suggestions for me I'm all ears.  I looking
forward to talking with everyone.


--- Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...> wrote:
> <snips> > I'm new too. > I have somewhat of a language in the works, and it's > bad. Dreadful. > Unutterably, obscenely, horribly bad. > I'll post it eventually, though, because you're > obviously all much more > competent than I and hopefully I'll learn something > while you're > discussing linguistics with all those big words you > use. > -- > -Shreyas > Loth 77 >
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