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Re: Getting a job in the Linguistics sector ... ?

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Sunday, September 12, 2004, 12:38
Hey all!

On Saturday 11 September 2004 22:25, Philip Newton wrote:

 > On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 14:29:10 +0200, Carsten Becker
 > wrote:
 > > RULE!!
 > The what?

It's kind of an unwritten law here, as it seems. Because
discussions about politics, religion and the like usually
tend to break lose endless off-topic discussions and clog
up the list (see the ZBB at some stages), someone put up
this rule to avoid discussions about these topics.

To get back to the topic, I'll ask at Wycliffe and SIL what
*they* demand as #vocational training. Someone suggested
offlist that I might need to go to the UK or the US if SIL
closed its ?representation in Germany.


Eri silveváng aibannama padangin.
Nivaie evaenain eri ming silvoieváng caparei.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince

# indicates a lookup from the dictionary.
? indicates a word that I'm not sure about.