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Getting a job in the Linguistics sector ... ?

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Saturday, September 11, 2004, 12:31


So my parents and me together wrote to the Deutsche
Bibelgesellschaft just to find out if it is possible to
combine Linguistics with working in the Christian sector.
I take the freedom to translate the two mails into English.
I have the strange feeling my father, who sent the original
mail, added some little things without asking me *mad at my
However, according to what Mr Müller writes, I think I
should better work as something else, because it would
be an immense effort (sp?) to study and major in Theology
and Linguistics. Addidtionally, it would cost much money
and even more time. I'd need a stipendium and 15 years when
I'm quick, my parents said. OTOH, my parents assume I would
have a safe job, because it would be so specific that there
are not many people who'd do things like that.

Ralf Mueller wrote on Fri, 10 Sep 2004 10:46:32 +0200:

 > Dear Mr Becker,
 > You might also want to ask at the Translation Dept. of
 > the United Bible Societies (Coordinator Phil Noss)
 > <> or at SIL
International <>.
 > Worldwide, there are about 600 translation projects at the
 > moment. The Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft demands finished
 > studies of Theology and secondary studies (plus a
 > doctorate). Here, we only translate into German.
 > Sincerely yours,
 > Ralf Thomas Müller
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 >> Ladies and Gentlemen,
 >> I'm now going to be in 12th grade of the local grammar
 >> school and will most probably pass my A-Levels in
 >> May/June 2006. I am writing to you, because I have some
 >> questions concerning a possible occupation in the sector
 >> of Bible translations.
 >> For a while, I am interested in languages in general
 >> (English, German)

=> I did not mean only German & English!

 >> and especially Linguistics. So I find
 >> participating at the "Conlang
 >> Mailinglist" (
 >> and at the "Zompist Bulletin
 >> Board" ( very interesting.
 >> Both are forums that deal with the invention of
 >> languages. Here I already have contributed things about
 >> my own projects (
 >> Furthermore, I am active in my congregation (Evangelische
 >> Gemeinschaft, Korbach and Christian Endeavour).
 >> My question: Could you please give me a competent person
 >> to contact who can give me information in how far both
 >> things -- study of languages and working in the Christian
 >> (linguistic) sector -- are combinable?
 >> I am imagining a job where I can do research on languages
 >> (Field Linguistics) and do work on them mulitimedically

DAAAAD! Why has everything to be "multimedically" when it
comes to what I maybe could work as?

 >> resp. accompany the work on the languages e.g. for making
 >> a translation of the Bible possible for them.
 >> Further questions I have got are, which professions are
 >> there that go into that direction, which requirements are
 >> needed and what would I have to learn to get nearer to my
 >> choice of career?
 >> Many thanks for answering soon.
 >> Carsten Becker, Korbach


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