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Common words for man & husband, woman & wife

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Saturday, May 6, 2006, 13:43
caeruleancentaur wrote:

> Are titles such as Mr., Sr., Herr, Tuan, etc., used in the > concultures of the members?
There are no literal translations for the words Mr, Mrs, etc in Shaquelingua. You can use the concepts /juça/ [juCa] (person) or /jishso/ [] (child) as titles but they are seldom used as address. They are more common under their written form. Shaqueans don't use their equivalent of a family name very often either (Look at what I said in the thread "Anthroponymics" from october 2005), so the equivalent of: Mr & Mrs Smith and their children would be: dazi jishso kibo, zabo RorhraJ si KiivA juça dazi jishso kibo, zabo RorhraJ si KiivA juça 3DU.PROPR child with, DU.QLT RorhraJ and KiivA person = (the two) People Kiiva and Rorhraj and their children If Kiiva and Rorhraj have children, it's obvious that they share a bound of some kind. Any way, marriage for the Shaqueans is more a private matter than a legal thing. Occupations can also be used as titles in a formal way. To use such an address to welcome someone is acceptable but to use it repeatedly is considered as a reminder for the addressee to act as a professional. A Shaquean can introduce eirself this way to state eir purpose. For example: "I'm a doctor and that's why I'm visiting you". Most of the time, their personal/first name is a sufficient address for the Shaqueans. Kinship terms used as titles is however very common for the young shaquean children towards the adults while they're learning the role of the numerous adults in their extended family. As they grow up, the children do like adults do and stop using titles towards the members of their family. The other way around, when an adult uses a kinship term as title towards a child, this is equivalent to what a Human do when he says the complete name of a child with an angry voice. This is a kind of reminder to behave as a "professional child" i.e. to listen to eir parents. ji kaçtölu suçei [ji: ka.CtO4u suCe"i] (= one soon until) -- ================== Remi Villatel ==================