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Re: [BRIEF CROSSOVER] Torch is sort of passed, ring 1 & Megdevi

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 10, 2002, 6:57
In a message dated 07/9/02 4:39:38 AM, jcowan@REUTERSHEALTH.COM writes:

<< >     [I::::::?]  (That's supposed to be the "traditional" incorrect buzzer
> noise.)
I think it needs to be nasalized, no? >> So it does! [I:::::::::~?] <<> Vetavi, though... The search shall continue! You could also leave it alone. Larry Wall broke up with Pearl, but Perl is still Perl.>> Wow! I didn't know that's where Perl got its name. Hmmm... For the time being, the name shall stand, then, and I'll take the renaming deal "under advisement" (which means I should come to a decision sometime after Planet X causes the polar ice caps to melt). -David "fawiT, Gug&g, tSagZil-a-Gariz, wAj min DidZejsat wazid..." "Soft, driven, slow and mad, like some new language..." -Jim Morrison