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Discuss the features?

From:Walter Tsuyoshi Sano <parsec@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 8, 2002, 1:49
First of all, I'm new to the list and have been lurking for some weeks
now. I apologise for not having introduced myself yet, but now is not
the time. Perhaps later.

I was here when the thread on Futurese began. At the time, I believed
it wouldn't wander off ("discuss the features", or so was written),
but having read samples of sarcasm and not-so-polite statements and
questions (which remind me of the pages either criticizing or defending
some IALs), I fear I'm (we are) experiencing what once lead to the
creation of the AUXLANG list:

 "You're wrong!"
 "May I know why?"
 "Yes, Your Highness..."

I know I can always unsubscribe. But I won't.

I know I could just ignore the lines/messages that make me feel
discontent/unhappy/sorrow/sad/down (I can't find the right word;
perhaps I should coin one? :) and simply delete them. The point is
that it bothers me to know that such a discussion is going on here.

I wonder if the thread on Futurese wouldn't be more suitable for the
AUXLANG list... Or is it [still] within bearable/tolerable limits?
I must stress that I am NOT in any way against Futurese. I just
wouldn't like quarrels to arise -- at least not like the ones
I've read about.

I've been reading material and visiting sites concerning conlanging
and became aware of the perils of discussing IALs... or could it be
that I'm too much affraid [for nothing]? I've never taken part in
such heated discussions (not that I'm willing to), but I believe
they don't ever take us anywhere.

If I'm wrong, please do correct me.
I don't intend to disturb the balance...


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