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OT: Hexagonal (was: Re: Not phonetic but ___???)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Thursday, April 15, 2004, 21:14
En réponse à Mark J. Reed :

Indeed, as Philippe explained in his tongue-in-cheek way, France can be inserted into a nearly perfect hexagon (at least in maps centered in Europe or France itself and using Mercator projection or similar). So the term "Hexagone" has become a common word to refer to France itself and the adjective "hexagonal" can be used to mean "French". As for the thing about climates, the point made (and a valid one) is that France has about the most variety of climates among the European countries. Why do you think France is one of the developed nation that goes *least* in holidays to foreign countries? Simple: we have all the environments we want where we are, despite the fact that France is not a very big country :)) . You want oceanic climate, we have it. You want mediterranean? We have it too. Mountain climate? Ditto. Continental climate? Of course. Hey, we even have places that can be called desertic (and have had our share of high temperatures in the last years), and "thanks" to global warming we are slowly welcoming tropical and equatorial climates as well ;))))) . I wouldn't be surprised if we got monsoons in a few years ;))) . We also have nearly all the landscapes you can imagine (short of lunar landscapes are Grand Canyon-like ones ;))) ). And geographically, France is in a key position in Europe, which explains why it has always played a major role in Western European History (what did you think, that it was due to the military or political genius of our leaders? ;))) ). All in all, it's indeed true that France has a central position in Western Europe. This fact, due completely to chance, seems to have given to most French people delusions of grandeur though... Well, there *is* a reason why I emigrated after all ;))) . Christophe Grandsire. You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.