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24 Hour Poll: David's Design

From:Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon) <dragon@...>
Date:Saturday, September 4, 2004, 10:04
Unless David thinks it's a bad idea, I'd like to run a quick (24 hour)
poll on the best version of David's flag design, not including the
versions with rays.

(As for the versions with rays, I have no interest in them and will do
whatever David tells me to.)

Deadline will be not before 11:30am GMT (which is slightly more than
24 hours). Before answering, please revisit the site. You can reply
by email if you don't want to waste one of your five posts.


(1) Please indicate which aspect ratio(s) you favour:
    (a) 2:3
    (b) 25:43
    (c) 5:9
    (d) other

(2) Do you favour the idea of the hill?

(3) Do you favour the idea of darkening the sky and adding a line of
    gold at the horizon?




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