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Eihdan and Maggelity

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Thursday, January 16, 2003, 0:57
Reading the recent thread about conlang terms, specifically Maggelity, I
realized something interesting.  I've got a language, Eihdan, that might at
first seem maggelitinous in its grammar, but in actual fact is a very
regular language.  It just follows an unusual set of rules.  Here are some

Htoruiza hteähd farurh, lhäur teu.
/To4uiza Tea:D farur_0 l_0a:u4 teu/
The wolf looks for the human.

Htananh zi htoruiza, na?
/Tanan_0 zi To4uiza na/
Where is the human?

Htoruerha hteaht farurh.
/To4ue4_0a TeaT fa4u4_0/
The wolf finds the human.

Farurh zi htoruaza, sazgën teu.
/fa4u4_0 zi To4uaza saZe:n teu/
The wolf eats the human.

I'd be interested in any theories as to how this language works.


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