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OT: Californian and Teen Speak

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Thursday, April 14, 2005, 19:14
This is both on topic and off topic. Apologies.

First, I came across a page on one of the PBS websites that discussed
American dialects, and there was one page in particular of interest to
me - Californian English. What i read was interesting, as it
characterizes the speech of people I know from both the southern and
northern parts of the state (and even my speech, to some extent). This
accent is often regarded as the "surfer" or "valley girl" accent, but
i've heard it in everyone from average folk to neo-hippies.

The main feature it seems is fronting of certain vowels, especially
/u/ and /o/ (forgve my messy IPA... the page doesn't give the IPA and
i'm no expert, so I don't know the proper IPA for these
pronunciations). "Normal" pronunciation for me is the left,
Californian is the right:

boat - /bowt/ > /beuwt/
loan - /lown/ > /leuwn/
but - /bVt/ > /bEt/
cut - /kVt/ > /kEt/
black - /bl&k/ > /blAk/
bet - /bEt/ > /b&t/
bit - /bIt/ > /bEt/

There's also a tendency to make the voice creaky as well: baaaad -
/bA::_kd/ (_k = creaky)

Exaggerated, a glottal stop often pops into the way I pronounce the words.

Another feature is the use of "like" and phrases such as "i'm like",
and "He's all"

Right now, a lot of this is still among people who are in their mid
20's to teens, but I actually have a friend who is close to 48 who
sounds exactly like what i've described. It also creeps into my speech
when i'm away from my job. I've actually noticed it's become more
prominent. Funniest thing was a guy in one of my classes who had a
very strong "surfer" accent who would pronounce Spanish that way.

there's more here:

All of this brings me to the second part - How are teenagers perceived
to talk in your conworlds (if you have them?) Are there accents like
the "surfer" (in terms of how it is perceived). Are there features
adults complain about that are common among teens there (other than
the obvious use of slang)?

They'll have a big parade for every day that you stay clean
But when the trumpets fade, you'll go under like a submarine
And you won't see it coming,  no you won't see it coming

You could have it made up there in San Rafael
But baby I'm afraid i'll never see you well
because i've seen the tally
you're just going through the motions, baby


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