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Re: OT: Californian and Teen Speak

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, April 14, 2005, 20:34

"B. Garcia" <madyaas@...> writes:
>... > There's also a tendency to make the voice creaky as well: baaaad - > /bA::_kd/ (_k = creaky) >...
It gave me the _kreaks, errrm, creeps when an American teenager here in Germany did this on the train just a few seats away from where I was. Funny enough, she was amoung a group of four people, but it was only her who did the _kreak. All of them did the 'i was like' stuff.
>... > Funniest thing was a guy in one of my classes who had a very strong > "surfer" accent who would pronounce Spanish that way.
HAHA! :-)
> All of this brings me to the second part - How are teenagers perceived > to talk in your conworlds (if you have them?) Are there accents like > the "surfer" (in terms of how it is perceived).
A did some accent stuff for Tyl Sjok. Especially grammar changes occur with teenage language. It's not elaborated, but one thing was that teenagers tend to use more disambiguation particles, which, in the eyes of older people, breaks the purity of the ideal, even philosophical ambiguity of the language.
> Are there features adults complain about that are common among teens > there (other than the obvious use of slang)?
Yes, in Tyl Sjok, adults think teens don't talk 'properly'. :-) **Henrik


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