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Re: Janko Gorenc and conlang numbers

From:James W <jworlton@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 13:28
Below is an email from Janko Gorenc (the person wanting the numbers 1-10 in our
various conlangs) and my response to him. If any of you have more info about
"Romane", German, Slavic, or Celtic conlangs, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

James W.

"janko gorenc" <jankogorenc@...> wrote:

>James, > >nbsp; Thank you for sending my collection of numbers on CONLANG list. I try a >myself, but I got the negative answer. Till them my collection has encresed >for 24 conlang (1-10 in 20 conlang).
I will forward your message.
> I noticed one other conlang Mindakh on web site: > > I intersted ifnbsp; they know also in this language. > I ask you for them.
I don't have numbers for Mindakh yet.
> On CONLANG list I would send something interestings subjects about conlangs, > but I know on which address. > Subjects : > Conlangs on based Romane languages, Latin and Esperanto. > Conlangnbsp; on based German languages. > Conlang on based Slavic languages. > Conlang on based Celtic languages, ...etc.
There are listserv groups with those subjects. Check the yahoo groups James __________________________________________________________________ McAfee VirusScan Online from the Netscape Network. Comprehensive protection for your entire computer. Get your free trial today! Get AOL Instant Messenger 5.1 free of charge. Download Now!