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My coming out as a conlanger

From:Ángel Serrano <aingelja@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 2, 2002, 11:22
> > "Is there >> a real/imagined parallel between coming out as a >> conlanger and coming >> out as a homosexual?" > >hmmm. interesting that one. i'ld say telling a new >acquaintance i was gay was pretty straightforward ( >most of the time ), whilst explaining that i liked >playing around with language structures would probably >get me funny looks
In Aingeljã (English version below): Si, si, ou paralelisme eh total!!! J'heh eixat doul'armaggo douz voltas ne ma vita: premjera cõ gei, seconda cõ "conlanger". E jo deu djure qwe interqwe na premjera volta a rjazõ da genta esé "Oh, eh verità? Qwe surpreza!", na seconda volta jo sentabe-mi reixalament loc e cõsegé aceuas strannas miratas qwe tu djues. Alt embraix ne asdouz voltas jo senté-mi lluwerat, completament feleix de discoprâre qwe jo nõ swi sol. Jo compare a marwallosa sensacjõ de mal'eixita doul'armaggo cõ gei com ou moment qwe jo discopré da llista de post de conlang... Adio. In English: Yes, yes, the parallelism is total!!! I've come out twice in my life: first as a gay, second as a conlanger. And I must say that while in the first one the reaction of the people was "Oh, really? What a surprise!", in the second one I was feeling really mad and I got those funny looks you say. However in both times I felt released, completely happy to find out that I'm not alone. I compare the wonderful sensation of my gay coming out with the moment that I discovered this conlang mail list... Adio. Ángel Serrano. A Pagga doul'Aingeljã - La página del Angeliano - Angelian's Homepage --------------------------------- Yahoo! Messenger Nueva versión: Webcam, voz, y mucho más ¡Gratis!


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