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Spiritual advise on syntax

From:Edgard Bikelis <bikelis@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 13, 2006, 16:35

    After a year or so of morphology, I started working out the syntax
of Ausónia Bhâma... sigh. Curiously I finished my graduation classes on
Latin morphology too, and then I sank in both seas of syntax. Latin
syntax is so messy... you open a book and see a hundred uses of
subjunctive, all those particles... I started to see why so many people
hate indo-european languages : ). I'm bold to endure, I hope.

    But... there is any systematic way of describing syntax, besides
discussing it as traditional grammars do? The use of cases is
palatable... partitive genitive, ablative of instrument &c &c... but
with the verbs the things are ugly: consecutio temporum, reported
speech, indirect questions... Solving the Latin problem will help me to
solve the Ausonian one, that I well think is bigger, eh eh eh... argh.

    Many thanks in advance,