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A look at the new version of Kelen

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <sylvia1@...>
Date:Monday, November 29, 1999, 0:48
So, in my copious (ha!) spare time, I've been tweaking the Kelen
grammar. And I think I'm happy with it. Anyway, I wrote the first
part of a children's story, which I have copied out below. I've
included an alphabetical list of glosses as well. I did not include a
loose translation. I figure I'll see what people come up with.=20

Any questions or comments are welcome.

Here goes:

i=E9lte la ja-l=F3n we
        pa an-=E9l=E1 m=EDren to ja
        se-sae=F1 =E9 an-s=F3ren ath r=E1 r=FA ja-r=F3=E1=F1el
        se-mish sha
                pa le m=EDren to la ja-l=F3n we
        se-mish j-erras=F3r sha
                k=E1 r=FA K=EDthje ma s=FA ja-l=E1j=E1 =F3l
l=EDrie la an-=E9l=E1 r=FA K=EDthje ma s=FA ja-l=E1j=E1 =F3l
        pa an-=E9l=E1 ja-p=F3u=F1 to sa=E9n
        se-mish sha
                pa le m=EDren to la ja-l=F3n we
t=F3    pa K=EDthje =E9 r=E1 =E9 an-=EDst=EDl r=F3nien
        se-mish ja-s=F3ren K=EDthje sha
                pa ci k=E1 h=ED
t=F3    pa an-=E9l=E1 ja-r=FAs r=FA an-m=E1r=E1

an-=E9l=E1              people (collective plural)
an-=EDst=EDl            sky (collective plural)
an-m=E1r=E1     house (collective plural) 'the village'
an-s=F3ren      word (collective plural)
ath             the second particle in a sequential 'and'.
ci              1st person (singular) agentive
=E9             and
h=ED            possibility
i=E9lte         idiom. 'Once upon a time'
ja              3rd person inanimate
ja-l=E1j=E1             mountain (singular)
ja-l=F3n                day (singular)
ja-p=F3u=F1             finding (singular)
ja-r=F3=E1=F1el oracle (singular)
ja-r=FAs                return (singular)
ja-s=F3ren      word (singular)
j-erras=F3r     reply (singular)
k=E1            doing (uncountable noun); imperative marker
K=EDthje                K=EDthje (our hero)
la              relational, posits the existence of something
le              1st person
l=EDrie         'and then'
ma              3rd person animate
m=EDren         fear (uncountable noun)
=F3l            on top (locative)
pa              relational, NP1 has/contains NP2
r=E1            going, motion (uncountable noun)
r=F3nien                seen, looked-at (adjective)
r=FA            to (locative particle)
sa=E9n          3rd person reflexive
se-mish ... sha idiomatic construction: 'they/he/she said to them/him/her
se-sae=F1       relational with 3rd person reflexive pronoun,
                posits a transaction, from source to goal
sha             relative particle
s=FA            at (locative particle)
to              source case marker
t=F3            'and so'
we              negative adjective

Sylvia Sotomayor