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a question/describing morphosyntax

From:O'Connell James <jamestomas2@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 30, 2001, 9:36
Interestingly enough, sometimes I find myself spending
too long thinking about my language in a purely
linguistic way. If I just looked at the way certain
things are done in other languages and not bother with
the terminology I ould probably save myself a lot of
time :)
Incidently, I think someone has already said this, by
do try
'Describing Morphosyntax' - its a wondeful book.
Although I'm convinced there's a mistake - p266 in my
paperback. Pragmatically marked structures. Example 10
reads: 'She came in through the bathroom window'. The
book says that that is objectively referential,
however I disagree. I think it is identified, however
not specific because there could be several bathroom
windows but it is simply not relevant which one it is.
What does everyone else think?


--- "[Adam K. Shuck]" <AKShuck00@...> wrote: > Ok
I enjoy designing the alphabets for my languages
> and the actual > grammatical structures, but I don't stress so much > on morphology and syntax > and all those other big words that I have no clue. > I'm sorry if I'm seeming > childish, but I dont understand half the > conversations that go on on this > mailing list. Please respond. Isn't it ok not to > think about all that stuff > when designing a language? > > ~Adam S. >
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