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Name changes in Star Wars

From:Gustavo Eulalio <guga@...>
Date:Monday, June 3, 2002, 17:27
        Hi folks,

        A bit of news I read sometime ago, and thought you'd like to
        Brazilian Fox has changed the names of some characters in Star
Wars Ep-II. The first one is the Count Dooku (in portuguese, Conde Dooku),
whose name would sound like 'Conde do Cu' (/du'ku/), 'Count of the Arse'.
The alternative chosen was 'Conde Dookan'.
        The other character is 'Syfo-Dias', which would sound nearly
like 'se fodia' /si fo'dia/, literaly 'He/thee f*cked up'. The
alternative, 'Zaifo Vias'.

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