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Re: Name changes in Star Wars

From:Walter Tsuyoshi Sano <parsec@...>
Date:Monday, June 3, 2002, 20:49
> Brazilian Fox has changed the names of some characters in Star > Wars Ep-II. The first one is the Count Dooku (in portuguese, Conde > Dooku), whose name would sound like 'Conde do Cu' (/du'ku/), 'Count > of the Arse'. The alternative chosen was 'Conde Dookan'. > The other character is 'Syfo-Dias', which would sound nearly > like 'se fodia' /si fo'dia/, literaly 'He/thee f*cked up'. The > alternative, 'Zaifo Vias'.
How about these? Are there any others? 1. Amidala: -'amídala' (amygdala, IIRC; it was in one of the messages of the "Not politics" thread); -before the changes in anatomy terms took place, that organ inside our mouths which used to be removed until not so long ago; -currently, a specific region in the brain (like Broca's). 2. Panaka: -'panaca' (fool, silly person). Also, I always thought that 'Qui Gon Jin' may sound more or less like 'nihonjin' (/ni.hon.dZi.n/), Japanese for 'a Japanese person'. BTW, are you concerned about false cognates (like these or not) when designing your conlangs? Do you keep track of them? Cambridge International Dictionary has some quite interesting boxes containing false cognates between different languages [and English].


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