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HEADS UP, with a special nod to the list-admin

From:kaleissin <kaleissin@...>
Date:Monday, August 7, 2006, 9:21
My preferred mail-address have once again been kicked off this list by
the listserv-software thanks to my ISP using spamcop to filter spam.
Somebody have, once again, reported listserv@brown to spamcop, and
while it only takes hours for listserv to be removed from spamcop,
this is long enough for all messages from the list to bounce and for
listserv to consider my preferred mail-address as bad.

I'll be looking into what I can do to change my ISP but let this serve
as a warning to all of you: if you suddenly don't receive mail from
the list anymore, or get a message that says you have been
unsubscribed from the list because of too many undelivered mails,
spamcop-use by your own ISP might be to blame.

So to our list-admin, is there anything you can do to make listserv
try again in, say, twelve hours (that seems to be how long it takes to
get off the spamcop-list), when a spamcop-bounce is received?

t., who is rather annoyed at the moment...


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