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Re: HEADS UP, with a special nod to the list-admin

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, August 7, 2006, 10:00

kaleissin writes:
> My preferred mail-address have once again been kicked off this list by > the listserv-software thanks to my ISP using spamcop to filter spam. >...
Akh, again! :-(
>... > So to our list-admin, is there anything you can do to make listserv > try again in, say, twelve hours (that seems to be how long it takes to > get off the spamcop-list), when a spamcop-bounce is received? >...
The admins of the respective lists cannot influence the server behaviour, but only change list-related options. Bounce timeouts etc. is beyond what I can configure. In fact, one of the relays between me and listserv was once classified as a spammer, resulting in myself not receiving posts anymore. At that time, many people had problems with that. I then filled in a form to remove that relay again, and I think the server admins at Brown did so, too, but I'm affraid there is nothing I can do to solve the general problem. However, I will check the error logs for whether other accounts had similar problems. **Henrik