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Lego = Re: TRANS: Happiness

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 3:59
>"To find happiness, one should not seek it."
EX LEGO (note: this is a ruff sketch of Lego) <note: Linga is now Lego ;) yep, like toy LEGO sets & the Greek root-"word", too...> ne orio hedoizmo : [antropino] alea arcimede Taoisti zigico ~ - or - ne artemi maiaizmo : [eidonoepiteco] satori!eureca Buddad'amma ~ LEGO-EPI-ANGLO LOGO-ISO-LOGO MORFOLOGO: No hunt hedonism, [human(s)] chance discover Dao[ist] balance. No chase materialism {maia from SKT _Maya_}, [idea-intelligent-primate(s)] surprisingly!discover Buddhadhamma. As one can prob'ly see, Lego (formerly Linga, formerly Vivo) is my "mutant," Greco-ized Italian-ish Con-Art/AuxLang ;) made almost entirely out of techno-scientific Greco-roots - IMMHO, more so than either Interglossa or Glosa AuxLangs :P~~~ (tho' there will be some neo-Italian-ized Sanskrit/Pali, Chinese, Malay/Bahasa Indonesian and onomatopoeic Japanese borrowings & some _neologoizmo_) Syntax has two forms: - one for everyday expression/creative prose communication loosely based on Bahasa Indonesian & basic tendencies for prepositional SVO languages - one for poetry modelled on Archaic & Classical Chinese poetry - as well as more recent neo-Futurist poetics Lego macroludo/megacrono epoesi ... lila <<Lego large-fun, big-time {epos:poesi}... creative-divine-play>> czHANg, TULAS = tearing up language(s) as usual