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THEORY: Welcome back, Sally! [was: RE: THEORY: Natural language change]

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 21, 1999, 23:37
Sally Caves <scaves@...> wrote:

> "Good" grammar is a touchy, volatile subject these days.
Is it? Well, that's certainly a clear sign that things *are* changing!=20
> I guess I'm back! Teonaht has had to be put on hold. How is everybody=
? Fine, thanks. And glad to hear of you again. I was one of those here who were beginning to think you had left us for good... I hope you soon get enough free time for Teonaht and show us some of those pearls of language you've spoiled us with in other times. :)
> Niffodyr tweluenrem lis teuim an. > "The gods have retractible claws." > from _The Gospel of Bastet_
You didn't change your signature either! Though this is cool enough to last forever as far as I'm concerned. ;) --Pablo Flores With a one-time signature: I san lethar matku=E1qs giadn ta. G=FCftien tadh t=F6m=F6n i b=FCrr v=E1= idanat! "Yes, I can teach you my language. But to do so, I have to speak it!" (Anonymous prospective informant, in my first day of fieldwork.)