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THEORY: Trans. excercise! (was: Re(2): THEORY: Natural language change)

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 22, 1999, 1:48
* Kaleissin ( [990921 14:50]:
> If you can understand this, you know too much
This post might be a bit on the long side, but I'm supposed to do some- thing else (which is to be done by tomorrow), so I'm desperate for a distraction... AFMCL (ta:ruven) "know (something)" and "understand" is covered by the same root, so this is one possibility: 1) sul u:el vyc:a'lan: ryi=F0; u:es vyc:a'ar:in:ru if u: -el vyc:a' -lan: ry -i=F0 u: -es vyc:a' -ar:in: -r= u if 2s -EXP know -can DEM -BEN 2s -LOC knowledge -toomuch -LOC "If you are capable of knowing this, you have too much knowledge" [I'm not happy about <sul> for "if", but it'll have to do for now.] I used wordnet[1] a bit, to find out exactly what meaning the 'understand= ' in the original covers, the synonyms being [read, translate, interpret] As I don't have words for any of these, I might as well try to find one... so: all of them are in this context connected to _language_ (s=EFuven) in som= e way - read: the process of transferring symbols from something physical, say a piece of paper or light-patterns on a monitor or some storage- device, into [ambiguity ahead! great!] -either- some other medium, say a memory chip, *to await further processing*, -or- directly into an=20 abstract, say knowledge or mental pictures or instinctive reaction,=20 while the transferring to some other medium, like memory, is of seconda= ry importance. [unless you're cramming...] The latter, which is the word needed for the translation, can be derive= d=20 from the former [read and simultaneously understand] The former would probably include _symbol/sign_ and _move from/to_ - translate & interpret: both of these can be seen as transferring symbol= s of one system/type to another. There's a similar ambiguity here as in r= ead as you have rough 'n ready _conversion_ from one system to another, as = well as _conversion_ + _understanding_ - conversion: covers the change of something into something else, change = from one state into another... this might cover the _move from/to_ for _read= _ as well! So we have _read_: converting symbols from physical medium into some othe= r physical medium, or into abstract knowledge; _translate/interpret_:=20 converting symbols from one system to another, possibly into abstract k= now- ledge... One taketh the Big Tome[2] of Archera IV, chooseth the etymologies and lo= oketh up _symbol_ and _conversion_... _symbol, sign_ is <t=FC> (note to self, explore connection with the many = words=20 beginning with <ty>) Finding _conversion_ proved to be worse. u: (understand)lan: ry; u:es vyc:a'ar:in:ru Finnish-inpired orthography... hmmm uu -lann ry, uu=EBs vyccaharrinnru or maybe uu -lann ry, uues vyshshaharrinnru or =FB lann ry, =FBes vyccaharrinnru --------------------------------------------------------------- [1] WordNet: Very handy resource for these things Test it at: Read about it at: [2] I finally got parts of the Books of Taruven (see conculture-posts)...= all in ta:ruven of course, so it'll take some time to decipher. tal. --=20 "Better living through conlanging"