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Re: first member from India

From:Jessica Husén <husen_82@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 11, 2003, 15:19
Daniel wrote:

> Yeah we do.
Camilla. Where are you? Have you unsubscribed? Or are you still here? :)
> Actually, I think you know (or at least have met) > Susanne Vejdemo. And her boyfriend Mikael Johansson > is also a bit of a conlanger. Both of them have been > on this list, though only sporadically.
Oh. Now that you say it I remember you telling me about that. But I think it was a long time ago though. Hey. All the sudden I feel like I know a lot of conlangers irl :)
> And Jens (you know that big fella, who > drinks too much at all lingonord parties ;) is > a bit of a dabbler in conlanging as well. IIRC, > he created Desperato, which was totally suppletive. > No regular forms whatsoever. I think he might be > subscribed to this list, but no-mail.
Hm. Jens who was (I think) in lingonord before, or some other Jens? How many Jens are there? I can only think of one. But I'm not sure he's the right one. He's also a conlanger? I had no idea about that. Cool! :) Jessica Husen