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Re: On nerds and dreamers

From:Steven Williams <feurieaux@...>
Date:Thursday, March 17, 2005, 19:15
--- Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>

> Thank you for not lynching me because of the > chaotic things in my comment; I just did not pay > too much attention to where adding things and which > things *exactly* to delete.
What, you were writing about something most of us know all too much about. I followed along just fine.
> Anyway, I am sometimes the 'cheat-sheet' as you put > it, and when too many people always want to copy my > homework, I just don't let them. Of course you're > the asshole of the week for the next 3 weeks, but > people tend to forget that they should be mad on me > because I did not let them cheat. I like helping > and I sometimes let people copy my homework, since > I sometimes need to copy as well actually. It only > may not become use.
Yeah, life's a little ironic like that. I myself have had to copy someone's work at least once.
> As for Christians being interested in worldly > things, hey, Christians are also only humans and > far from superbeings.
Too many Christians think they are, and forget that there's only _one_ superbeing. But I would expect in such a large church group, like the one I belong to, you'd find at least _some_ variation amongst its members. Surely, there's at least one geek in the bunch. God loves geeks of all kinds. Being interested in worldly things is not sinful or evil, either. Even Christ had pillow-fights.
> It would be bad, though, if they knew they do > unjust things and do not really care about that.
I think we all do unjust things, regardless of religion or lack thereof. Caring is difficult sometimes :(. ___________________________________________________________ Gesendet von Yahoo! Mail - Jetzt mit 250MB Speicher kostenlos - Hier anmelden: