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Koine(?) Greek)

From:Microtonal <microtonal@...>
Date:Thursday, November 30, 2000, 7:57
Steg Belsky wrote:

So, does
> anyone know where i could find information on the grammar, vocabulary, > and pronounciation of the kind of Greek spoken in that area from around > Alexander the Great until the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire?
Arg. I'm sorry, but I have to correct this statement. The Eastern "Roman" Empire technically didn't fall until the 15th century. It was called different things at different times, but there was an essentially unbroken line of emperors in Byzantium/Constantinople from the Diocletian/Maximian split in 286 CE all the way down to 1453 when the Turks invaded. I forget, however, exactly who was emperor at the time and exactly what political entity he represented. My knowledge of the late incarnations of Eastern Rome (although it wasn't Rome or Roman anymore) is quite spotty, unfortunately. I was poking around in our Div bookstore today, and I found a book on new Testament Greek (Koine). I didn't pick it up, because I found a much more enthralling pair of books on biblical Hebrew. If you like, I could run by there again in the next couple of days and get you the title and author.
> thanks! > > -Stephen (Steg), plotting a horrible fate for whoever never returned his > university library's copy of that Latin to Romance in Sound Shifts book
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