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Re: OT: Marmite! (wasRe: [Conlangs-Conf] Witty slogan)

From:Hanuman Zhang <zhang@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 15, 2006, 18:41
on 3/15/06 8:27 AM, Tristan Alexander McLeay at conlang@TRISTAN.ID.AU wrote:

> On 15/03/06, Hanuman Zhang <zhang@...> wrote: >> on 3/15/06 1:00 AM, Adam Walker at carrajena@YAHOO.COM wrote: > >>> Vegemite nearly made me lose my last meal. >> >> Yech! Pale imitation of Marmite... > > Funny, I think of Marmite as a pale imitation of Vegemite. (Tho if I > eat Vegemite, it's because I want to eat Vegemite and nothing else.) > Marmite goes better than Vegemite in bolognese sauce, tho. Wouldn't've > thought it'd've made a difference in all of the rest of the stuff you > put in, tho, so maybe it's just random error and Vegemite really is > king :)
You're just Aussiecentric that's what you are... ;) -- Hanuman Zhang "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies peace." - A Course In Miracles "There were moments ... when it seemed that all one could be asked was just to keep the ashtrays clean, the bed made, the wastebaskets emptied, as if one never got to the real things because of the constant exhausting battle to keep ordinary life from falling apart." - May Sarton