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Re: Sawilan poetry.

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Friday, May 21, 1999, 17:34
Currently the only known information on the Sawilan language consists
of my last post, the Chanan Historical Linguistics page (see URL
below), and any bits of information that I had stuck in my head but
didn't include explicitly in that translation (e.g. decisions made
about word order and so on).

Before I got to it, the known information on the Sawilan language was
the three Sawilan words, "Sawila" (name of the people), "Fahn" (the
island), and "Arial" (name of their goddess; amended by me to "Ariala"
partly for phonology reasons and partly because I thought a goddess
shouldn't have to share a name with a typeface).

Oh, there is also a Sawilan song (a sea blessing) on the second
Talislanta CD available from, but it really has no
lyrics, and is unrelated to the work I've done on their language.

I hope to put up a page with more on Sawilan soon, though.

If you have any suggestions on directions to go with it, I'd love to
hear them. :)

Ed Heil --------------------------------
 "I think that all right-thinking people in this country are
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R. Nierse wrote:

> > In any case, one of the languages I came up with was Sawilan, which is > the language of an > > extremely passive and pacifistic race of bird-like, musical island > > folk. Their language, as I reconstructed it, has... > > > > No stops. > > > > All of the normal Chanan stops are fricatives in the Sawilan dialect. > > > > Anyway, it's an isolating, VSO-type language. > > Have you more information on Sawilan for me?A grammar or more texts? I'm > interested. > > Rob >