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Rinya head/dependent marking (wasRe: My Grammatical Sketch (again!))

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Sunday, October 17, 1999, 15:37
Daniel wrote:

> > Reigar rewecyn iyn > > Vegetable:PL-ABS green:PL-ABS the:PL-ABS > > > > cwet-a-ri-sh dich-en in-en > > buy-PRES-3sg:SUB-3sg:OBJ father-ERG the-ERG
Irina replied: =20
> Don't you need "buy-PRES-3sg:SUB-3pl:OBJ", as the green vegetables > are marked plural?
Yes, you're right of course. I realized that on the train (away from=20 all e-mail possibilities :). Also, the object marker should come before the subject marker like this: "buy-PRES-3pl:OBJ-3:sg:SUB" as Rinya is OVS (though that doesn't really matter, now does it?)
> Yes, I like it too; makes me wish Valdyan wasn't so far developed > already. It's not like me to start a new language just to try out > interesting features=20
That's why I never get anywhere with Rinya. I'm constantly changing it since I learn new cool linguistics stuff practically every day. ---------------------------------------------------------- Daniel Andreasson | | "Why would the computers start working on this particular new year's eve?" - NoN, Dagens Nyheter ----------------------------------------------------------