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Question on encoding Re: ML4 (was Re: TECH: Testing again etc.)

From:Clint Jackson BAKER <litrex2@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 19:48
How is this post encoded? My computer had been set for Western European, and it
was a nightmare, so I figured it was in Unicode, but when I reset it, though it
looked mostly right, there were still several empty "boxes".

Have we established a standard here of indicating encoding in our posts? If not, it
would be great. :-)


Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...> wrote:
Stephen Mulraney scripsit:

> ObConlang/ObUTF-8test: Tonight I spent an hour or so trying to implement > vowel harmony on my current language (ML4, for lack of a name). > Some items of vocab: > > äldò |ældø| [{ld2]: three [<> gäțeczr |gæθʲetʃɾ| > [g{T_jetS4]: watch-tower, (generally) tower [<> hròlțòw > |xɾølθøv| [x42lT2v]: to go down, descend [<> laŭął > |lɑwɔl̴| [lAwOl=e]: city, [laufe-heile] > mnițò |mʲnʲiθ2| [m_jn_jiT2]: four [<> cząd̦liëhązio > |tʃɔðʲl̴ʲəxɔzʲu| [tSOD_jl_e_j@xOz_ju]: officer, > commander;
[< A pretty thing. Just a couple of comments: why do you use such a counterintuitive orthography? _ò_ for a [2] and _ą_ for a [O] seem rather arbitrary. And I would recommend to substitute t-comma-below with t-cedilla _ţ_, because t-comma-below has a bit dubious status (nobody knows for sure if they are the same or not). -- Yitzik --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Protect your identity with Yahoo! Mail AddressGuard


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