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Weekly Vocab 14 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 9, 2003, 5:55
(trying to work in some very colloq. i.e. "bad" Kash)

1. chin - puño lin 'point of the jaw', but lin 'jaw' is shorter...

That man just broke my chin!

kayó á menemet keca limbi [ka'jo"?a 'menemE?'ketS@ 'limbi]

guy that  just     break  jaw-my

(a = ya (to avoid 2 y's), ménemet~menemét = mende-mende)

2. shirt (Kash don't usu. wear shirts)  chest- epahan

Now there's blood on my shirt.

tanju ya luku ri pakambi yunoni

now  is  blood on  chest-my all-its

(ya= yale, luku = luhu, pakán = epahan)

3. vowel-undri kayi '(speech) sound alive'

Of course, I can't say any of this, since I can only pronounce one vowel
with a broken jaw.

kundri na, ta pole kotami tape-tapés-mes unjikayi naponi poçindipo

truth well, not able say-my anything-at-all-one vowel only able-speak-just

ombi alo limbi keca

because from jaw-my broken

(common error:  acc. for genitive after ombi alo, should be...lini-mi)

4. to cause, incite- rumek 'cause'

This has incited me to throw the man around the room.

tayu me rumek, ne macinga-kepak ri atel yuñurun

this me/dat cause, him/dat I-throw-fight in room everywhere

(Bad. Should be: tayu yarumek re ...'this causes that...')

5. weak - lurup

Of course, I am to weak to do so.

kundrini na, ta polepo, cakalurup picikni

truth-its, well, not able-just, overcome-by-weakness little-bit

6. pain-ahar

To the pain in my chin is added the pain of broken ribs.

tambo ahandri limbi, eme ahandri kurinimi keca

not-only pain-its chin-my, also pain-its ribs-my broken

(another gross error:  kurinimi should be kuriñiçmi (pl. of kuriñ)-tendency
to shift /ñi/ > /ni/, and avoid clusters with /-ç/)

7. faith - vacanjan  'trust, rely on'

I have faith, though, that I will be miraculously cured.

takanda virap vacacambi, çaka çeham me tumbrato

nevertheless, firm belive-my, power spirit me/dat cure-will

8. to reward-karem

After one week, it has become apparent that God does not reward people for
losing brawls.

riyanjuni mesa trelo, çuwakram, çehamala mile ta ikarem anju micakenda

in-time-its one week, becomes-clear, spirits us/dat not reward when

9. offense - ongala, but not translated here. (also, it's a religious term)

Still, I meant no offense in likening his girlfriend to Regis Philbin.

ta tacambi mowa, pun kotani karenjini me rundimbur bu moñ

not intention-my but, if say-my good-friend-his me/dat remind(of) Bu Mïng

(bu moñ = Bu Mïng 'Mountain Mïng' is a popular wrestler on Gwr TV,
overdeveloped by steroids and hormones, a cross between Schwarzenegger and
André the Giant; speaker has left bu moñ in the nominative because nobody
knows how to add the correct endings to Gwr names)

10. sympathy-vowas 'compassion'

You'd think God would have some sympathy for that reason.

kaç kuna pila, çehamala içuvowasto ombi aloni

person maybe think, spirits they-become-compassinate-fut. because