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Weekly Vocab 14

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Sunday, July 6, 2003, 23:48
I missed a week. So sorry![1]
1. chin
That man just broke my chin!

2. shirt
Now there's blood on my shirt.

3. vowel
Of course, I can't say any of this, since I can only pronounce one vowel
with a broken jaw.

4. to cause, incite
This has incited me to throw the man around the room.

5. weak
Of course, I am too weak to do so.

6. pain
To the pain in my chin is added the pain of broken ribs.

7. faith
I have faith, though, that I will be miraculously healed.

8. to reward
After one week, it has become apparent that God does not reward people for
losing brawls.

9. offense
Still, I meant no offense in likening his girlfriend to Regis Philbin.

10. sympathy
You'd think God would have some sympathy for that reason.

[1] Actually, it's a truth that I don't mean. See _The Sirens of Titan_.



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