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2 Questions about glosses

From:scott <sjcaldwell@...>
Date:Saturday, October 16, 2004, 14:50
I've been looking at the Leipzig glossing rules at
and have a couple of questions.

My language has 3 genders, which is basically indicated
by 3 articles: asem, ipen, ümen. These articles are the definite
article. The indefinite article is created by adding the suffix -a.

ümen-a hafal
a-INDF horse
'a horse'

Is the gloss for 'the horse' (ümen hafal)
      the horse
or  the-DEF horse
or  something else ?

Also, when writing the gloss do you indicate gender (which in
my case is a mix of formal vs. informal, and sentient vs.
non-sentient)? Or would this only be the case if you were
using an affix to indicate gender instead of a wholly different
and separate word?

Thanks in advance,


Joe <joe@...>