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Translation Exercises Other than McGuffey? (was: Re: Grammar - Can)

From:Pipian <pipian@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 12, 2005, 14:25
> But I think people have posted enough problems with McGuffrey that its > clear we need some other source for great conlang translations. I also > found my first attempt at translating it as a bit repetitive (but that > could just be the nature of Føtisk which is not particularly exotic, or > that I didn't get in far enough).
Perhaps so, though I think one of the advantages is as Gary Shannon says on his website: the repetition allows for drilling and memorization, so as to become fluent in the language when writing on a regular basis. A second issue with the repetition and "lack of context" is that the Gutenberg version of the first reader seems to be the only one that treats each sentence rather independently than in context (or at least the separate paragraph form for each page does not lead easily to context easily. It can be seen however, that later on even in the first reader, context begins to assert itself, and the only problem with McGuffey really is the first half or so of the first reader. The most troublesome thing to me, however, is the fact that there is no full set of McGuffey Readers (in any one version) all the way to the sixth one. Even if you go so far as to include any possible version available, there are no copies of the second or third volumes online. Pipian


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