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Re: USAGE: Kristian on Adrian's vowel disorder (was: RE: [i:]=[ij]?

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Monday, November 6, 2000, 1:47
> >> Phoneme RP English > >> /u/ [u:] > >> /U/ [U] > >> /o/ [@U] > > > >[u] for /u/ except before /l/ sounds very posh, > >old-fashioned and actory (= 'Conservative RP'). Better is > >[u-]. > > Aha!! This explains why Adrian doesn't hear the difference > between Australian and British /u/.
So this means that RP /u/ is [u] before /l/ and [u-] otherwise? Which could be identical to the (non-NSW) Australian pattern?
> >>> I suspect your [w:] is really [u-:].
Whereas here, [u-:] is attributed to the /u/ *before* /l/, which is the form that sounds like the consonant [w]. I thought this was firmly established as [u].
> I'm more convinced now than ever before that Adrian's [w=] > is really [u-:]. Evidence is from And's description of RP > English /u/ combined with Adrian's assertian that there is > no difference between RP English /u/ and Australian /u/ > before /l/.
No, I said quite the opposite - I was talking about *ordinary* /u/, not /u/ before /l/. On the English drama I was listening to the other night, I could not tell the difference between the pronunciation of the word _to_ (for example) and my own.