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Velocity and acceleration

From:Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 17, 1999, 17:02
Last night, a new system of explaining both velocity and acceleration=20
independant of each other came to me in a dream.  It has to do with=20
indicating positive acceleration by the word "plawe" (second) following a=20
word modified by a preposition when it is positive.  When deceleration=20
occurs, the expression djeyplawe (negative-second) is used:=20

da-towards (infixed as "-ad-" before first V of word it modifies
ja-away from (infixes to "-aj-" as above)

sa re  m-ad-ay     idy
I  the towards-car move
I approach the car

sa re  m-ad-ay       plawe  idy
I  the towards-car second move=20
I approach the car (accelerating)

a=FE       ya vajuump c-ad-a          djeyplawe
she-Past he follow  towards-house negative-second
she followed him into the house (decelerating as she did so)

hej  re  cr-aj-ucxe        djeyplawe       nif-l
they the away.from-monster negative-second run-Future
They ill run away from the monster (decelerating, the implication being is=20
that the monster will catch them)

I havent really tried this system with less linear prepositions (like=20
fi-through), but what does everyone else think?  is there precedent, is it=20
feasible or even sufficiently useful?

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Joe Mondello