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From:David G. Durand <david@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 17, 1999, 17:07
I read everyone's responses and this is my summary:

people are definitely willing to devote some labor, which is good. I'm very
short of time, but computing resources are not so much of a problem at the

Books are a minor issue at the moment, so go on hold. I think, though, that
I could publish small runs at pretty reasonable prices on demand, perfect
or GBC bound. I can do perfect binding myself, actually. All it takes is
glue and clamps.

webspace seems to be a popular idea. I will have to make a deal with my
boss, but I don't anticipate a big problem there.

The idea of a linkbase is also popular. We can certainly manage that.

Most people don't have their own web servers, but the domain names are easy
to pass out, all I have to do is edit a file and type a single update
command and they're in place. Anyone who wants a domain just
needs to mail me their IP address and request the name.

I myself dislike web discussions compared to email, and I won't do news
anymore. alt.lang.artificial is still in existence, I think, if people want
a newsgroup. I suggest putting this on hold for the time being.

There's a collaborative FAQ building tool called the FAQ-O-Matic. I think
this could serve both the bookmark list management and the FAQ purposes
pretty well. maybe even the book referral list. Once I have a real machine
setup, we can work out how we could use that tool.

Someone suggested email addresses for conlangers. I like that idea, but I
fear the traffic involved, especially if people have conlang subscriptions
on that server -- our list can move an _awful_ lot of bytes in one day.
This one also probably goes on hold unless someone else wants to offer up a
machine and net connection to actually receive the mail.

List archives may take a bit longer, but also seem popular.

Give me some time to work out my issues here, and I'll renew the call for
volunteers once I've got something for you to do, and a machine to do it
on. I had a private offer for a European mirror, and once we have something
set up, that seems a very good idea.

  -- David
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