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TRANS: Motherhood

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozin@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 27, 1999, 17:50
Here are a few phrases that mothers speaking your language might
Feel free to substitute culturally relevant phrases instead.

Have a good day at school.

You don't sound like you are (doing your homework/washing the

You can have some cake after dinner.

AFTER dinner. AFTER.

I'm sorry, you'll have to eat more than 3 peas and a piece of
bread if you want cake for dessert.

Don't yell at your brother.

Don't run in the house.

Don't hit your sister.

Could you do me a little favor? Don't touch your brother. Don't
speak to your brother. Don't even LOOK at him. Please.

No, we aren't there yet.

Why didn't you go to the bathroom before we left? All right,
we'll stop as soon as we can.

As soon as we can, honey. There's nowhere to stop here.

Do you have a spare pair of pants in your bag?

Well, see if you can find some pants under the seat.

It's time for bed.

Time for bed, kids.

No, really. You need to go to bed.

You know, you are really going to regret staying up late when I
wake you up at 6am.

Sweet dreams, sweetheart. See you in the morning.


Mia Soderquist (
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