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Re: Boston

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 31, 2004, 14:54
lju-txaj-zox Sylvia Sotomayor <kelen@...> tu-i pqoq:

>Is anyone else going to attend the World Science Fiction convention in Boston?
Yes. I'll be helping out at the Esperanto League fan table for a few hours a day, but will also try to get to several of the linguistics-related program items (of which there are more than usual this year). A partial list (which leaves out several Klingon-language items): Friday 15:00-18:00 Creating Alien Languages (3 hours) (Stanley Schmidt, Lawrence Schoen) Saturday 10:00 How Does Language Influence Thought? (Geary Gravel, John-Henri Holmberg, Elizabeth Anne Hull (m), Kathy Morrow) 11:00 Really Alien Languages (Suzanne Alles Blom, Nomi Burstein, Mark Mandel (m), Lawrence Schoen, Timothy L. Smith) 16:30 Elizabethan English as a Second Language (Kage Baker) Monday 10:30 One Language To Rule Them All? (Timothy L. Smith) - Jim Henry