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Re: 501 Verbs

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Sunday, January 19, 2003, 8:42
Josh Roth <Fuscian@...> wrote:

>I'm sure someone could make one (certainly not me), but who needs it?
There is a website somewhere -- probably more than one -- that allows you to plug in a verb in any of a bunch of languages and it will give you all the conjugations. I think it would be cool to have such a thing for Rhean. If I had a website for Rhean, I'd put it there.
>That is pretty cool. I think you're underestimating the number of possible >forms. Just with seven tenses and six person/number categories you have 42 >forms, then if you add on just the possibility to be passive or active, to >have 'skij' or not, and to have 'mik' or not, you wind up with 346 forms,
>I'm sure there are more variations you could have.
But all those 346 (I got 336 when I multiplied it) would not be verb forms. A lot of them would be nouns or adjectives or forms of other verbs stuck on to those. I did not estimate the number of possible compounded words available by turning a verb into an adjective, then the adjective into a verb or a noun and so on and so on... because this actually gives INFINITE possible forms. I'm not kidding: Wherever you stopped, there would always be something you could add that would add a meaning of "to cause to be..." (sac.ek) or "the one which does..." (nok) or "looking like a..." (vud) I see where you were going with the math there, but the classifiers like skij- aren't conjugations any more than "over-" "re-" or "un-" are in English. Also, the passive/active difference would not double the number of forms since the only passive form is an adjective participle. That -ig.ek which allowed it to conjugate actually suffixes to ANY adjective, and is thus not a conjugation of the original verb but a new verb formed from an adjective. The "conjugations" are counted like this: An infinitive = 1 Six forms each for the real past, present and future = 18 Six forms each for the hypothetical past, present and future = 18 Six forms in the imperative = 6 Past participle, present participle, passive participle = 3 Gerund =1 Which gives 47 straight-up conjugations. Only 42 of these are actually still "verbs", as the infinitive is treated as a noun (and declines!), the participles are all adjectives, and the gerund is an adverb. The monster word, rather than being a "conjugation" of one verb, actually becomes a noun, adjective, verb, adjective, noun, verb, noun, adjective, and verb in turn before that verb's ONLY conjugation -ios' is applied. M