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Re: English question

From:Padraic Brown <agricola@...>
Date:Friday, November 30, 2001, 23:04
Am 30.11.01, Josh Roth yscrifef:

> Are you saying it's not an adjective period, or that while it may be for me, > it's not for others?
Nik showed me the possibility of it being an adjective. For me, it's an adverb; but I kind of like that copula+adjective thingy in this case. I'm not saying that adjectives can't follow nouns. Only that when adjectives that follow nouns also modify verbs, they are in fact adverbs.
> If the former, what's your definition of an adverb? Or rather, why is "good" > an adverb there?
Because it modifies the verb.
> Are you saying it because you believe in any V x situation, > x must be an adverb, or in other words, adjectives just can't come after > verbs, so if it comes after a verb it must be an adverb?
If the word that comes after modifies the verb, then it's an adverb.
> Or some other reason > ? In my speech, I can't use "good" where I can use other words I know to be > adverbs (e.g. He reads slowly vs. *He reads good) but I can use it where I > can use other words I know to be adjectives, unless I've been wrong about > their identity this whole time (e.g. He reads a difficult book, He reads a > good book).
That's _Good_ English! I was taught the same in school - say "She reads quickly", not "She reads fast", "I don't feel well", not "I don't feel good". But that didn't stop me from using simple adjectives as adverbs.
> Even with the same example as above: > He felt happy. > He felt fashionable. > He felt good.
I read the first two as adjectives, the third as adverb. Something interesting is going on there. I suspect there is an understood "...himself to be..." in the first two that wants in the third.
> vs. > *He felt happily. > *He felt fashionably. > ?He felt well. -This is OK for me because of hypercorrection due to > prescriptivist teachers (or was it my mother?) who said you need an adverb, > not an adjective, after a verb - if not for that, I'm sure it wouldn't be.
Then we're ultimately in agreement over good/well after feel! Padraic. -- Bethes gwaz vaz ha leal.