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OT: Special Needs

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, July 17, 2006, 14:44

Mark J. Reed writes:
> On 7/17/06, Henrik Theiling <theiling@...> wrote: >... > > You would probably find it strange to collect money for the rich. > > What I find is that you are using an extremely inapplicable and > offensive analogy.
What? But why? I had not intended nor realised any offensiveness. If this is perceived this way, then I'm sorry for it!
>... > > If the challenged are well-supported, the smart ones should have > > access to enough books, though, for feeding any interest and keeping > > them from getting bored. > > Once they're old enough, sure - assuming that their experiences within > the educational system haven't destroyed their desire to learn > altogether. ...
I think we talk about different groups of people. Before we hit each other, please let me clarify. Children who lose interest in learning because of unbearable boredness are not what I tried to talk about. They are typically bad in school and are thus first recognised as 'challenged' children. (And it is often hard to find out that the reason for being bad in school is really boredness and giftedness.) If they cannot help themselves, they are clearly and I thought obviously in my category of those needing help, since they will also not be able to keep pace, only for a different reason. I.e., I probably agree with you. I was trying to say that I don't see any need to support people who can help themselves. Support those who cannot help themselves, for whatever reason. Obviously it is less obvious than I thought. **Henrik