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Re: Grand Master Plan of L3

From:Scotto Hlad <scott.hlad@...>
Date:Friday, January 25, 2008, 5:58
Thank you. I have added a pronounciation guide. I revisited the sound
changes in light of the vowel table and found a few of them inconsistent. I
have updated accordingly.

I struggled in particular with what to do with ci, ce, gi, ge as far as
pronounciation given that there is not necessarily consistency in all
Romance languages. I decided to move the soft c to ts and then since hard c
and g are related in that one is voice and one isn't, I moved the soft g to
the voiced ts (dz). Not exactly Romance. Combined with the appearance of S
and Z, it started to feel a bit of a Slavic flavour. Accordingly I guess
that this language would be spoken where Italy and Slovenia and perhaps
Austria meet which would want me to give it a name somewhat akin to either
Balkan or Adriatic. Otherwise I may just call it Eltri as I'm getting so
used to calling it L3. Thoughts on all of this?

To all of those who have suggested difference sources for VL vocab thank you
very much!

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Scotto Hlad writes:
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Nice overview so far. Is there a pronunciation guide? Sometimes it's hard for me to understand, because I don't know how the stuff is pronounced. Some shifts also seem strange to me, so it would be nice to read some explanation, e.g., why there is an a > i shift in the -ariu(m) ending, being -ir in Modern L3. **Henrik