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Graavgaaln elements

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Thursday, March 25, 1999, 4:49
Last night I discovered the Graavgaaln names for several elements.  Here
they are for your enjoyment and comments.

vezh - gold Au
pruuv - silver Ag
ghub - iron Fe
jherv - lead Pb
tezh - sodium Na
drraagpruuv - platinum Pt
pruuvmelti^ntu^ - mercury Hg
dhe^rrvezh - copper Cu
b'olg'aatnorgh - sulfur S
fa*shy"drraag - aluminum Al

not an element, but discovered in the process of learning the others:

siiktaavezh - brass

In the process I learned several other words including:

drraag - heavy
dhe^rr - red, orange (1/3), maroon, brown
drroogh - metal
b'olg'aat - yellow, orange (2/3), tan

old words which figure in derivations:

melti^ntu^ - water
siiktaa - outcaste
norgh - stone
faashly"t - feather

The derivation of fa*shly"drraag needs some elucidation.

faashly"t (feather) + drroogh (metal) > faashlytdrroog > faashly"drroog
(through assimilation, gemmination and reduction) > fa*shly"drroog
(spreading of feature +round to the unround "aa") > fa*shly"drraag
(through reanalysis confusing "droogh" [metal] and "drraag" [heavy])

Well what do ya'll think?

Adam Walker
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