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From:dunn patrick w <tb0pwd1@...>
Date:Thursday, March 25, 1999, 4:03
All right, another question (now I just know I'm getting annoying, but for
the first time in weeks I've got spare time).

What are some of the ways you indicate subordinate clauses in your
languages?  I was thinking in my new language I'm working on -- telu'at'a
-- that I might have two methods of showing subordination.  In one, the
subordinate clauses would function as a word, viz:

(definite article/possessive pronoun) + subject noun root + verb root +
object noun root + case + (distance)  So we'd have "The man who went to
the store gave me a horse" as " gave me.dat
horse.acc".  This could also work with such things as "My hatred of her
causes conflict" "my.hate.her.nom cause conflict.acc" which isn't
technically subordinate but kills two birds with one stone.

My other thought, was adding a verbal mood specifically for subordinate
clauses.  But that just sounds boring.